Les Amis de La Cambre

The association

of “Les Amis de La Cambre” was founded in 1979. A non-profit association, it organizes a number of events and study trips and supports the school’s young graduates with an annual prize.

Yolande De Bontridder, présidente
Kevin Saladé, administrateur délégué
Valentine Himpens, relations publiques

The idea for an association bringing together friends of La Cambre goes back to the founding of the school itself, originally called the Superior Institute of Decorative Arts. This was way back in February of 1928. The current association is of course more recent, founded in 1979 with a similar objective: to support creation (investigation) and pedagogy at the school, via both tangible and intangible means.

Our objective is to support students as they create exceptional projects, and to support the execution of experiments linked to the school’s different pedagogies. Other support, social for example, is planned.

Who are these friends of La Cambre? They are men and women who are interested in being there for the beginnings of what will be a creation, who are willing to contribute materially to its process, being present for what they call la vita nova (a new life), and who are aware of the fragility of the creative act. They are determined to accompany these students on their journeys of expression, as we wish to be those who do more than just talk – we do, we show.

A school is first of all a place for meetings, experiments, exchanges, including Les Amis de La Cambre. They may in fact facilitate connections to other worlds separate from the school, adding their own touches to the creative mix.

This is our intention – please join us.

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Board of Directors 2018

Alain van der Hofstadt, President
Claude Stassart, secretary
Kevin Saladé, Treasurer
Benoît Hennaut, Administrator
Godelieve Vandamme, Administrator

Se faire membre

L'association cherche de nouveaux amis ...

Pourquoi se faire membre ? Pour que l'association se pérennise, que ses projets se multiplient, que son réseau s'étende, que l'école, les étudiants et anciens étudiants en tirent davantage de bénéfices, les Amis de La Cambre ont besoin d'être plus nombreux, plus solidaires, plus concernés. L'association cherche de nouveaux Amis parce qu'elle a beaucoup à partager : des idées, de l'enthousiasme, de l'expérience et ... un engagement, essentiel, vis à vis de l'art et de la création.

Comment ? En payant sa cotisation annuelle, chaque membre participe non seulement à la dynamique économique de l’association mais il est aussi informé de toutes les manifestations organisées par l’école de La Cambre et l’association des Amis, et il contribue à la définition des projets de l’association à travers sa participation à l’Assemblée générale.

Cotisation annuelle : 25 eur.
Cotisation étudiants : 5 eur.

Contact :

Compte bancaire “Les Amis de La Cambre”
BE03 0682 4423 2384