Preparatory classe Antichambre


Since the fall of 2007, La Cambre has organized a preparatory class for students in their senior year of secondary education, and students enrolled in secondary schools who are interested in transferring to an arts school of higher learning.

La Cambre Charleroi

La Cambre and the BPS22, Art Museum of the Province of Hainaut in Charleroi, organizes a summer school class in Charleroi for students in secondary schools (5th and 6th years) in Wallonia and Brussels who are interested in higher education in the arts.

This class has a maximum of 25 students, is held in early July and lasts for a week.

Its objective is to prepare for higher education in the arts, becoming familiar with modalities of work and teaching methods, learning contemporary plastic language, the art world, its principal issues and practices.

This intensive program includes modules of theoretical and practical training, an immersion into the workshop process (in collective and individual exercises), encounters with working artists, professionals and former students, visits to museums and exhibitions and other cultural activities.

Students are housed on site and accompanied throughout the week by teachers from La Cambre, artists and the staff of the BPS22.

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