La Cambre is named after the eponymous Abbaye, where the school was founded in 1927. It is in Brussels, in the Avenue Louise neighborhood near the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and a number of other institutions of higher learning. The campus consists of four buildings including the workshops, classrooms, auditoriums and other school services: two 18th century buildings on the site of the ancient Abbaye de La Cambre, the Hôtel van de Velde (1931) and a more recent building (built in 1971) located on the Avenue Louise.

21 Abbaye de La Cambre
The headquarters for the School, "21" was the first school building when the institution was founded in 1927. The building has five wings, organized around several courtyards and small gardens. The administrative and Director’s offices are here, along with its principal services, its Library, cafeteria and restaurant. Also located here are some workshops, the printing press, and the digital media hub. On the second floor there is an auditorium for lectures and performances, the Auditoire Léon Stynen, named after a former director of the School who designed and laid out the space.

14 Abbaye de La Cambre
"14" is laid out around a large covered courtyard; it is called the Patio and was designed in the 80s. It consists of the technical workshop, the casting room and the Projectroom for the Sculpture department, as well as a number of other workshops and departments, on two floors. Events and assemblies, both formal and informal, exhibitions, installations, lectures, encounters and receptions are often held here.

The Gardens
The Abbaye de La Cambre was built in a valley near the Forest of Soignes – a valley which now extends beneath the Avenue Louise. Its terraced gardens contribute significantly to the beauty of the School’s location.

Hôtel van de Velde (former Maison De Bodt)
This manor house, built by the architect Henry van de Velde about 500 meters from the School, faces the Free University of Brussels (ULB). It offers exhibition galleries and a film studio on its ground floor, and also houses the Animation Department and many of the core arts classes: color, perspective, book courses and performance.

427 Avenue Louise
This 13-floor building overlooks the Gardens of the Abbaye de La Cambre. Composed of large overlapping plateaux, it houses several workshops, the Joseph Noiret and Herman Teirlinck Auditoriums, classrooms and a small cafeteria. A photography studio has been set up on the ground floor, with direct access to the parking garage. Since 2011, La Cambre also has access to a large display space (at 425 Avenue Louise) which houses workshops, jury rooms, installation spaces and exhibition spaces.