Fashion design

The Stylisme and Fashion Design studio offers training which hinges on the two primary axes of its title. Stylisme meets a precise demand in a given context. It immerses itself in brand strategy development from every angle: product, communication, distribution, extensive research. Cultural, social, aesthetic and technical skills combined with analysis abilities, the accuracy of perception and of communication are the assets of a fashion designer positioned at the centre of the company. The design of fashion(s), less influenced by economic logic, develops a more personal and innovative writing. The two disciplines, stylisme and fashion design, have in common the highlighting of the body through the use of volume, images, colours and materials: they study every facet of fashion as a contemporary form of expression.

Through exercises and specific projects, the student is led to work on concrete statements and to develop, collection by collection, an ever-more personal style. Through their investigations they are ineluctably brought face to face with a language rich in signs, which they have to learn how to decrypt in the light of its sociocultural context. It is from this approach that they draw the elements which will permit them to develop a personal and innovative style. Apart from a sound knowledge of what is going on in the world of fashion, a good general grounding in terms of art, history, literature and cinema as well as a large openness of mind and a boundless curiosity will be indispensable for them. The studio’s curriculum highlights a number of fundamentals:

  • observation of the body and construction of volume ;
  • creative approach: personal research through the analysis of texts and images, and subsequently the development of themes, collection concepts, the composition of a range of colours and producing a personal dossier;
  • development of volume through the techniques of moulding, sewing and mesh work, as well as working on materials through various techniques, including screen printing;
  • construction of a coherent collection through the drawing of silhouette outlines, developing canvas, the choice of materials, producing prototypes in definitive form;
  • finishing the collection through accessorizing, fashion photography, casting and choosing the staging for the various modes of presentation (installation, catwalk parade, performances, video editing, etc.)

In the bachelor’s, alongside the core curriculum, the student is led to work on concrete statements, to build for themselves a technical vocabulary in terms of cut, couture, the handling and the finishing of textiles, drawing silhouette outlines, graphic design, etc. and to develop over successive projects an ever-more personal style. It is also during the bachelor’s that they acquire the concept of collection and that they complete two external internships in a fashion house or with a designer.

The master’s is the setting for the culmination of a long process of maturation and osmosis between creativity and acquired technical skills. The student must be able to assume full responsibility for their creative choices. They must also be capable of defending them through a coherent sales pitch and an end product which is perfectly in line with them. They complete two long-term internships in a renowned fashion house or with a designer abroad. Their final-year thesis concludes an educational curriculum of at least five years spent within the studio and constitutes a genuine business card to gain entry into the profession.

Pedagogical coordination :
Tony Delcampe, fashion designer

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Brunner Lucas 2023
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Haumont Pauline 2023
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Raquel van Oost 2023
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Stylisme 1
Mathieu Goose, Bachelier, Collection 2017 ©Pierre Debusschere
Stylisme 2
Marie Adam-Leenaerdt, Bachelier, Collection 2017 ©Pierre Debusschere
Stylisme 3
Clémence Gautier, Bachelier, Collection 2017 ©Pierre Debusschere
Stylisme 4
Cyril Bourez, Master, Collection 2017 ©Pierre Debusschere
Stylisme 5
Adèle Andréone, Master, Collection 2017 ©Pierre Debusschere