Texts and Creative Writing (Master’s program only)

The master’s in Texts and Creative Writing offers a curriculum to students aiming to shape their professional futures around textual professions and literary creation. It has been designed primarily for fledgling writers and, more generally, for students wishing to professionalize their artistic approach in relation to the practice of writing by bringing them face to face with other writers, publishers and reputed professionals of literature, to inform them and to enrich them with new knowledge and new skills. Different theoretical and historical aspects are also accentuated by courses given at the Université libre de Bruxelles. Considering the text and its different forms as major expressions of humanity across history, and the literatures of the various continents as a full-fledged art form in its own right in the field of contemporary artistic practices, this master’s is inscribed in an open approach of production, reflection and education of the written work in a world in the making. For a period of two years, the project on the basis of which the student will be admitted will benefit from regular supervision through the critical and reasoned readings of other students and teachers, and from a specific system of tutorials provided by writers, publishers and artists. The targeted outcome of the process is the book in all of its aspects, but without excluding other public expressions in dialogue with the plastic, visual or scenic arts.

Head of programme: Gilles Collard, philosopher and writer

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